We believe that working and poor people must organize together in order to transform our workplaces and communities.

If we want to improve our conditions at work, win victories to improve our economic conditions, or transform our health care system we have to organize as many people as possible to take action. When we act collectively we have more power to improve conditions for everyone. All of our campaigns and programs are primarily run by our members and volunteers who work together to reach new people, organize events, create media, and more.

Our valuesprinciples, and community agreements inform how we think about, strategize, and plan our work. They ground us in history and theory, and they articulate our place in the expansive broader movement for justice and liberation that we strive daily to help build.

If you’re interested in getting involved or want to learn more please fill out this form or contact ronny@maineworkers.org.

Political Education
Radical Nourishment

Work Manual
People’s Report on Healthcare

To say that Black Lives Matter is to commit ourselves to fundamentally changing the world.
Becoming Unstoppable: Addressing Classism in the World & in our Movement
We Believe Survivors. We Know our Rights are at Stake.

Past Programs:
Healthcare Is A Human Right
The Crisis to Care Project
Earned Paid Sick Days
Workers Support Hotline
Workers Legal Clinic