Community Agreements

One Person At A Time
Speaking one person at a time allows for deeper listening and ensures we all feel heard.

Be Fully Present & Listen

To the best of our ability, commit attention to the subject at hand and those in the room who are also dedicating their time to our collective work.

Build Up, Don’t Break Down

We acknowledge effort and offer constructive feedback and helpful solutions, rather than unfocused or harsh criticism.

We Invest In Each Other’s Growth

We believe in choosing solidarity in challenging situations, because all of us are learning all the time, and we need our community’s support to help us grow.

Assume Good Intentions

We strive to begin with the shared belief that we are all here with common purpose and vision, though we approach our work with varied understandings and language. We act in solidarity and hold space for clarification and healing.

Move Up/Move Up

Folks who speak a lot and folks who are less likely to share their thoughts will equally challenge themselves to engage in ways that allow for everyone’s full participation.

Give Breathing Space

Not everyone processes information and forms ideas at the same speed. We strive to allow for some silence or pause between speakers so that everyone can participate at their own pace.

Speak Loudly and Clearly

Communicate from a place of power and so everyone can hear you and respond.

We Bring Our Whole Selves

All of us are multifaceted and experience the world through multiple lenses: such as gender identity, racial identity, abilities, age, class positioning, etc. We believe our community is richer when we bring the fullness of our identities and experiences to the work.

Oppressions Exist

Systems of racism, classism and discrimination based on economic status, ageism, heteronormativity, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, and religious discrimination impact all of our lives in varied ways. Unlearning these systems and ending their harmful effects on our communities is an ongoing process. Trust everyone’s expression of their own experience.

Deal With Issues As They Arise

Avoiding difficult conversations impedes our work. Compassionate and direct communication around misunderstanding and conflict allows us to work together from a place of unity. We strive to handle conflicts in the moment, confront each other with care and seek support when needed.

Speak With Honesty, Listen With Humility

If we are genuine in our speaking and intentional about listening to one another, we can reach across difference and forge a new way ahead.

Encourage Creativity

We will not solve problems with the same limited perspectives that created them. Creativity is a natural, renewable human resource that is necessary for collective liberation, and we can wield it in every aspect of our work.