Covid-19 Resources

We understand that workers have unanswered questions about their employment status. We as a community are facing uncertainties around unemployment insurance and other issues related to workers’ rights. We have worked with community partners and compiled information to help provide some guidance during this stressful time.

General Resources for Workers

Frequently Asked Questions

Search frequently asked questions from unemployment, from paid sick days & Family Medical Leave, to discrimination.

Know Your Rights: COVID-19 Unemployment Law Changes (updated 9/1/20)

Know Your Rights: COVID-19 and Employment (updated 4/20/20)

Frequently asked questions from unemployment, from paid sick days & Family Medical Leave, to discrimination.

COVID-19 Resources from Maine Equal Justice

Clear information about a range of important topics including employment resources, health care access, general assistance, and other topics

COVID-19, Paid Leave, Unemployment: Decision Chart from Family Values @ Work and NELP

Helps navigate if paid sick day, unemployment, or family leave are your best option.

Unemployment Insurance Resources

Unemployment Insurance Benefits for Workers Impacted by the Covid-19 Virus from Maine Equal Justice

Clear and through frequently asked questions about eligibility and applying from unemployment. Updated frequently.

Unemployment Insurance FAQs Regarding COVID-19 from Maine Dept. of Labor

Frequently asked questions about unemployment eligibility and how to apply. Updated frequently.

Paid Sick Days and Paid Family Leave

Families First Corona Response Act: Employee Paid Leave Rights

Information about the paid sick days and expanded family leave created by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act)

Coronavirus Federal Legislation that Aids Workers from Family Values @ Work

Provides and overview of the federal legislation that impacts workers, including paid sick days, paid family leave and unemployment.

Health Care Coverage

COVID-19: Consumers for Affordable Health Care

Information on your health care options if you’ve lost your job

Consumer Assistance Helpline: Consumers for Affordable Health Care

Call for help navigating your options for health care coverage 

MaineCare Eligibility and Services 

Maine Equal Justice can help navigate MaineCare eligibility and services.

Worker Support Hotline

Even though we cannot meet with you in-person, we recognize that workers’ issues have not gone away. In fact, this pandemic has caused a massive upheaval to our day-to-day operations and workers, across many industries, are experiencing unfair treatment, hazardous conditions, and layoffs at an unmatched rate. Be sure to review our updates around outbreak at this link.

Please feel free to reach out to our Worker Support Hotline at 207-888-1010