December 17, 2020 by Southern Maine Workers Center

SMWC is hiring! Joint Committee Organizer.

Joint Committee Organizer Job Description

The Joint Committee Organizer is a permanent (ongoing) staff position with the immediate goal of supporting members in building out our new Joint Committee project through outreach and leadership development. The Joint Organizing Committee is a new project at the Southern Maine Workers’ Center. For years, we have organized campaigns centered on dignity for workers, and the human right to health care, through our two primary programming committees: Work With Dignity (WWD) and Health Care is a Human Right (HCHR). The COVID-19 pandemic and the intensification of the economic crisis facing workers and every day people has highlighted more than ever how interconnected our issues are. For the next six months we will be bringing members together from across the organization into a single committee to organize around a platform of solutions at the intersection of health care justice and workers’ rights.

The Joint Committee Organizer will also provide staff support to the Cantastoria project, which is a current popular education program of the HCHR committee centered on a series of art panels that tell visual stories about the healthcare crisis to foster conversation and collective learning. 

The objectives of the position may be revised as we re-evaluate the role of the Joint Organizing Committee in the spring, in response to the organization’s fluctuating needs, but this will remain an organizer position focused on outreach, bringing new members into the organization, and supporting their leadership. This is an hourly position at 40 hours per week for $17 per hour.

To apply for this position, please submit a resume, cover letter and three references to by the end of the day of Sunday, January 3rd. 

Joint Committee Organizer Areas of responsibility: 

  • Supports establishment of the Joint Organizing Committee 
    • Support the leadership body in following through with commitments, creating agendas, rotating facilitation, etc
    • Conduct outreach for the Joint Organizing Committee, including follow up with new contacts, one-on-one conversations, relationship building and leadership development. 
  • Support the Cantastoria Project 
    • Support the leadership body in following through with commitments, creating agendas, rotating facilitation, scheduling presentation opportunities, etc.
    • Conduct outreach for the Cantastoria committee, including follow up with new contacts, one-on-ones, relationship building and leadership development. 
  • Coalitions:
    • Represents SMWC at local and possibly national coalitions related to the JOC’s platform.
    • Represents SMWC at our existing HCHR coalitions with coaching and support from staff and members who have previously held this role.
    • Support members to engage with and represent SMWC at local and national coalitions.
  • Media and communications
    • Contributes to social media and communications. 
    • Supports members in participating and taking leadership in media and communications
  • Data management
    • Maintains up-to-date data for the Joint Organizing Committee (inputting new contacts into the database, organizing volunteers for data entry, etc). 
  • Cross-organizational collaboration
    • Participates in all staff and Cross Committee Council Meetings

Job requirements:

  • Ability to work remotely via phone and online platforms.
  • Availability to work 40 hours per week, including some evenings and weekends to accommodate the organizational calendar. 
  • Ability to communicate effectively, build relationships, mentor and support the leadership of others.
  • Experience with base-building and community organizing.
  • Effective cross-cultural communication.
  • A commitment to SMWC’s mission and values.