November 7th, 2020

All Member Meeting: What Do We Do Now?

Saturday November, 7th @ 10am – 11:30am

Register here:…/1FAIpQLScrRJXoRv5YtY…/viewform

We don’t need to tell you what this election season means, what’s at stake, or how the outcome will affect you and your loved ones. What we want to do is provide a space where we can lay all of this bare, share the fear/rage/hope in this moment and as Adrienne Marie Brown says “There is always a conversation in the room that only those people at this moment can have.”

We will introduce the way SMWC is approaching this moment, and the calls to action we are following from both local and national perspectives, with ways to get involved. Join us to conspire about what the f@%& do we do now.