November 26, 2012 by Alison Mann

Walmart Flash Mob

Check out the fantastic video of our Black Friday day of actions at Walmart!

This video captures the whole event, flash mob and demonstration.

This video captures interviews with some of the amazing community members who joined us.

Thank you Asher Platts for your work to document the event. Thanks to the local union members who joined us from: Associated COLT (Clerical, Office, Laboratory, and Technical) Staff of the University of Maine System (ACSUM), Government Employees (AFGE), American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Postal Workers (APWU), Service Employees (SEIU), and Writers Union (UAW-NWU). Thank you members of other community organizations like Interfaith Worker Justice, Maine Greens, and Occupy!

Why we protested on Black Friday:

On Black Friday, members of Our Walmart ( and supportive communities across the country decided it was time to stand up to live better. They declared that if Walmart didn’t stop intimidating workers and illegally retaliating that they would make Black Friday, “a day to remember.”

1000 Black Friday Actions at Walmart Stores in 46 States

SMWC wanted to participate in this national day of action, and to demonstrate that community members here in Maine support workers protesting unfair labor practices.

Scarborough, ME - Black Friday, Nov. 23

If you are a Walmart worker who would like to learn more, please contact Tony Zeli directly at 207-200-7692, or email