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November 28th, 2023

Wage Empowerment Workshop

For months, Work With Dignity and Political Ed Committee members have been working towards a workers’ rights & organizing training focusing on wage theft, which is one of the biggest problems we’ve seen workers struggle with in Southern Maine in the past few years. 
It’ll cover common types of wage theft + how we can protect ourselves as workers (in an interactive, popular ed way), and we’ll also invite people to get involved organizing with us to fight back at the grassroots level against the systems that devalue, exploit, and steal from us. We’ll also have food, rideshares, childcare, interpretation, and the option to join by Zoom if anyone can’t be there in person.

There are flyers in english/french/spanish attached below (shoutout to Chase for the design!!!), a little registration form here, and our insta post here and facebook here in case you wanna repost and help amplify it. Please share freely with any of the people you’re in community with who you think might be interested!

Here’s the long version of the workshop description:

Did you know that workers in the US lose $40-60 BILLION DOLLARS every year to wage theft by our employers? The average low-wage worker loses THOUSANDS of dollars every year. Come join us on Tuesday, 11/28 5:30-7:30pm for the Wage Empowerment Workshop: Get Your Money! 

At this workshop, we’ll cover: common types of wage theft, how to protect ourselves as workers, and what we can do to change the system that allows so many employers to run away with our wages. We earned it, now let’s get our money! 

We believe all workers are vital to our movement– including workers who are informally employed or unemployed, disabled, and caring for family members. Domestic workers, sex workers, farm & food workers, and the care workers who run our homes are the backbone of our society and economy– yet get the least respect. SMWC is creating a worker-led movement to improve the lives and working conditions of all working and poor people in Maine, and we need you! 

This workshop is free & open to all workers (but no business owners or managers, please), and will be interpreted live in French & Spanish. Register now!