October 1, 2020 by Southern Maine Workers Center

Voting Resources 2020

Find the answer to questions the people you talk to have in the links below, or let people know the websites if they want to search for it themselves. 

General from League of Women Voters:

Absentee Ballots

Polling Places


  • There is no deadline to register in person, you can register the day of the election
    • Click here to find your Town Clerk’s address. You can register in person at your town office up to and including on Election Day.
  • If you register by mail, your registration must be received by the City Clerk by October 19th

Ranked Choice Voting:

  • Will be used for the US Senate and US House. 
    • It may be sued for US President, but there are some legal challenges still pending
  • Not used for Maine State Representatives or local candidates
    • Except for Portland which uses it for local elections

Disability Rights Maine Voting Rights Hotline

General information from Vote Maine:

Voter Protection Hotline: Call or text with any questions or issues you have with voting:

  • English: (207) 990-0788 // Arabic: (207) 489-4401 // French: (207) 489-4402

Online form: