May 5, 2017 by Alison Mann

Test for Tip in Cash Page

Join the movement. Sign the pledge to tip in cash today!

Tip in Cash!

Wage Theft is the illegal underpayment or non-payment of workers’ wages. Workers lose billions of dollars when their employers pay less than minimum wage; refuse overtime pay; force workers to work off the clock; hold back final paychecks; misclassify employees as independent contractors… or withhold tips.

Unscrupulous employers have an unfair advantage over the Maine restaurant owners who play by the rules. We are worried about wage theft in Maine. We are a tourist destination and workers depend on tips for their livelihood.

On top of that, employers in Maine pay tipped workers only $3.75 an hour! That just isn’t right. Don’t put your tip on your credit card. Tip in Cash.

Nearly 60 percent of complaints of wage theft in Interfaith Worker Justice’s worker center network were reported in the restaurant industry, according to a recent study.  12% of ME restaurant employees report management taking tips.

Restaurant Employment Law Violations Chart

You can help prevent wage theft. Always remember to Tip in Cash.

And when you tip in cash, leave a tip card! Print your own using the following link or stop by the Workers’ Center to pick some up:

Having trouble at work? Contact the Southern Maine Workers’ Center at info@maineworkers.orgor call (207) 200-SMWC (7692).

SMWC is located at the Meg Perry Center for Peace, Justice & Community at 644 Congress Street in Portland, Maine.