May 4, 2021 by Sydney Avitia Jacques

T.O.A.S.T Workshop Series: Transformative Organizing And Skills Training

This seven-part series of organizing skills and theory will start on Thursday, May 6th and run every other Thursday from 5:30-7:30pm through July 29th. Workshops will focus on building some of the basic skills needed for community organizing and building grassroots power. The series will be focused on applying skills to SMWC’s practice, but friends of SMWC are welcome to–we’re building a movement! Sessions will build off each other, so we encourage people to attend all sessions, however it’s okay to come to one, a few, or all. The workshops will be held on Zoom to be COVID safe and accessible to people across the state.

Register for the TOAST Workshops Here

  • May 6th (5:30-7:30pm): Base Building & Transformative Organizing: The Building Blocks for Change 
  • May 20th (5:30-7:30): Organizing is Relationships: Building our base through personal & political connection
  • June 3rd (5:30-7:30): Power in Numbers: How to make effective calls to get a big turnout for meetings, events, and actions.
  • June 17th (5:30-7:30): Building on What we Know: How facilitation & popular education bring grassroots experience to the center.
  • July 1st (5:30-7:30): Shout it Out!: Telling our own stories to change the narrative
  • July 15th (5:30-7:30): Flexing our Grassroots Power: How policy campaigns can transform our world
  • July 29th (5:30-7:30): Direct Action Gets the Goods: How to do direct action to win from the workplace to the statehouse

Register for the TOAST Workshops Here