November 23rd, 2012

Join Us – Black Friday Walmart Actions

Stand with Walmart Workers

Just a month after strikes swept through Walmart stores in 12 states, Walmart retail and warehouse workers in more states are taking action and beginning what is becoming know as the first set of “viral strikes.”

Two weeks ago, Walmart workers in California held a sit-in at one store and then walked off the job after a manager made racist comments in an attempt to silence workers. Last Friday, workers in Texas went on strike. Yesterday, workers in Washington went out.

When Walmart workers spoke out for higher wages, better benefits and regular schedules, Walmart illegally retaliated against them and has tried to silence them.

You can stand with Walmart workers as they strike and take action on Black Friday. Join the Southern Maine Workers’ Center at a local Walmart on Friday, Nov 23. We will be holding an informational picket, leafleting and participating in a fun flash mob!

For more information and to learn how you can get involved contact Tony Zeli, 200-7692,

Learn more at,, or Interfaith Worker Justice.