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Here you can find updates from the movement, news from the Workers’ Center and our national allies, and articles written by our members:

January 9, 2019: “Residents weigh in on plan to require paid sick leave in Portland.” by WGME

January 9, 2019: “Portland City Councilors back and inclusive paid sick days policy.” by Dan Nuemann, Maine Beacon

January 9, 2019: “Portland hosts public hearing on proposal to require businesses to offer employees paid sick leave.” by WMTW

January 9, 2019: “Dozens weigh Portland’s proposed paid sick leave ordinance.” by Maine Public

January 9, 2019: “Portland panel to press on with paid sick leave phan after dozens weight in.” by Patty Wight, Bangor Daily News

January 9, 2019: “Portland’s paid sick leave proposal draws big crowd.” by Dennis Hoey, Portland Press Herald

January 9, 2019: “Paid sick days in Portland.” by NewsCenterMaine

January 9, 2019: “Letter to the Editor: Maine lags its neighbor in offering paid sick leave.” by Portland Press Herald

September 4, 2018: “Supporters rally for paid sick leave mandate in Portland” by Tory Cairn, Bangor Daily News 

September 3, 2018: “Labor activists march in Portland to call for universal health care, earned sick leave” by Gillian Graham, Portland Press Herald 

July 1, 2018: “Society Notebook: Maine Initiatives celebrates Changemakers” by Amy Paradysz, Portland Press Herald 

June 28, 2018: “How Portland can stand up for the health, dignity of LGBTQ workers” by Osgood and Gia Drew, Bangor Daily News 

May 29, 2018: “Chamber, Portland mayor take simmering feud public” by Randy Billings, Portland Press Herald 

April 24, 2018: “Portland council hears pleas on both sides of plan to require employers to give paid sick days” by Randy Billings, Portland Press Herald 

April 23, 2018:Getting paid for calling out sick: City debates mandatory paid sick time” by Lindsey Mills, WCSH 6

April 17, 2018: “Portland council to weigh law requiring paid sick leave” by David Harry, The Forecaster

January 31, 2018: “Portland sick-leave proposal to get rally-size dose of support” by Randy Billings, Portland Press Herald 

January 15, 2018: “Hundreds at Portland’s Martin Luther King dinner renew call to achieve his vision” by Kelley Bouchard, Portland Press Herald 

September 13, 2017: “Single-payer health care is gaining steam. These are the people who made it possible.” by Andy Baird, Think Progress

September 5, 2017: “Portland mayor’s proposal for paid sick leave heads to City Council” by David Harry, The Forecaster 

September 4, 2017: “Hundreds rally in Portland to support paid sick leave campaign” by Gillian Graham, Portland Press Herald 

May 24, 2017:Trumpcare 2.0 is a Death Bill. It’s Time to Fight for the System we Want.” Meaghan LaSala, In These Times.

May 6, 2017: Portland rally calls for publicly funded health care across Maine”. WMTW.

May 3, 2016:India Street clinic closure draws criticism at Portland City Council hearing by David Harry, The Forcaster

March 10, 2017: “Fighting for Healthcare Under Proto-Trump, with Cait Vaughan”. By Sarah Jaffe, The Progressive. 

March 9, 2017:Interviews for Resistance: The Opioid Crisis Is a Public Health Crisis Rooted in Poverty” by Sarah Jaffe, In These Times

September 17, 2016:Penobscot Native Americans in Maine gather in solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux” by John Heinz, Blasting News

April 28, 2016: “Supporters Rally To Save Public Health Clinic in Portland” by Randy Billings, Portland Press Herald

April 26, 2016: “Why Portland Maine Is Currently Exhibit a in How Austerity Can Make Americas Opioid Crisis Worse” by Sarah Lazar, Alternet

January 1, 2016 : “New Year in Portland Brings New Fees and Higher Minimum Wage” by Randy Billings, Portland Press Herald

September 25, 2015: “What to do When Your Paycheck Doesn’t Come” by Darren Fishell, Bangor Daily News

September 22, 2015: “Wage Theft Allegations Fly After Portland Shop Closes Abruptly” by Darren Fishell, Bangor Daily News

September 10, 2015:Portland sets minimum wage to $10.10, adjusts tipped wage” by David Harry, Bangor Daily News

September 8, 2015: “Letter to the Editor: Tipped Workers Deserve Higher Wages” by Nat Lippert, Southern Maine Workers’ Center member and restaurant server, writing about the tipped subminimum wage in the Portland Press Herald

September 2, 2015: Wage theft allegations fly after Portland shop closes abruptly” by Darren Fishell, Bangor Daily News 

May 7, 2015: “Together We Will Find the Way: White Racial Justice Organizing in the Time of Black Lives Matter Movement” by Chris Crass, The Good Men Project, interviewing SMWC Board of Directors Chair DrewChristopher Joy

May 1, 2015: “We Have Each Other’s Backs: May Day Rallies Highlight Black Lives Matter Movement” by Nadia Prupis, Common Dreams

October 30, 2014:Maine governor slammed over vetoes of expanded Medicaid program” by Sarah Jaffe, Al Jazzeera America 

July 18, 2014: Beyond Obamacare: Health Care As A Human Right” by Tara Culp-Ressler, Think Progress