September 19, 2019 by Southern Maine Workers Center

We’re Hiring! Join the team as our Health Care is a Human Right Community Organizer

Health Care is a Human Right Community Organizer 

Job Description

This is a full time, exempt position. Benefits include ample paid sick time & vacation and health insurance. This is a one-year position starting on or about November 18, 2019 and ending on or about November 13, 2020. 

This position is housed within the Southern Maine Workers’ Center’s (SMWC) Health Care is a Human Right Committee.We believe that a health care system treated as a public good and based on human rights principles is a fundamental step toward economic and racial justice. We work on short term health care reform campaigns as part of our long-term campaign to transform the health care system to be universal and publicly financed. 

SMWC is a member-led, basebuilding organization. Outreach, member recruitment, grassroots mobilizations, leadership development, and political education are key to our theory of change. This position will work across all of SMWC’s program areas to develop and sharpen effective and transformational basebuilding practices. 

TO APPLY: Send a resume and cover letter to Applications are due on October 18, 2019. 


This position will coordinate the member-driven Health Care is a Human Right Committee to carry out campaigns for health care reform, arts and education projects, and coalition building with a focus on basebuilding and developing member leadership. Other responsibilities include creating campaign strategy and field plans, building and participating in local and national coalitions, and committee related communications. This position will also coordinate and supervise member and volunteer participation in HCHR programs. 

In addition to HCHR responsibilities, the position with work with staff and members to coordinate across all of SMWC’s committees and programs and support organization-wide events, policies, and education. 

Coordination & Supervision

  • Coordinate and support the part-time HCHR Organizer’s outreach & basebuilding work
  • Coordinate and supervise member-leaders’ programmatic work
  • Coordinate volunteers for events and data management

Outreach & Membership Development

  • Create field and outreach strategies for campaigns and programs
  • Recruit and activate members through outreach, follow up, and one-on-ones
  • Develop leadership development strategies for HCHR committee & SMWC as a whole


Coalition Building

  • Identify and build relationships with new and existing community partners
  • Represent SMWC in related local and national coalition meetings
  • Coordinate coalition and community partner meetings  


HCHR Leadership Committee (HCHR-LC)

  • Coordinate the HCHR-LC or other HCHR committees, including member attendance and participation, and ensuring that members are accountable for work between meetings. 
  • Create agendas for meetings or work with members to create agendas
  • Facilitate decision making and planning by the committee


Health Care Policy

  • Be or become knowledgeable about state and local health care policy, including Medicare for All, single payer, medicaid, and MaineCare, and other relevant policy. 
  • Support and develop policy and legislative advocacy strategies



This job has fluctuating hours with a combination of self-directed and committee-directed scheduling. Must be able to work some nights and weekends (for meetings and events) in addition to weekdays. Position is supervised by the Executive Director, and works in coordination with the HCHR-LC Leadership Committee members. 


  • At minimum 3-5 years experience with transformative labor and/or community organizing, including one-on-one organizing conversations, facilitation, leadership development, event coordination, campaign development; and a willingness to talk to strangers
  • Self-directed; able to work independently
  • Comfortable working collectively (including group decision-making, collaborative writing, and meeting/event co-facilitation)
  • Aligned with the SMWC’s political orientation, community agreements, and goals as outlined in the SMWC Membership Agreements and Values Statement
  • Experience with policy and legislative advocacy
  • Demonstrated writing skills
  • Ability to speak multiple languages is ideal
  • Women, People of Color, LBGTQ people, poor and working class people are encouraged to apply.