August 30, 2012 by Alison Mann

A Safe Space to Organize

Have you stopped by our new office?  The Workers’ Center is now located at the Meg Perry Center for Peace, Justice and Community.  Located in Portland’s Art District, 644 Congress Street, the Meg Perry Center (MPC) was founded 5 years ago to honor the memory of local activist, Meg Perry.  Read more about Meg Perry’s life here:

Meg Perry Mural

Mural of Meg Perry at MPC

MPC was created to be a place for educational exchange and social action.

Education and action… that’s how we organize!

Our new location provides a space for workers to gather, to share concerns and issues, and to get organized.  As we always say at the Workers’ Center, our rights have little weight without organization.

On our own time, we have a RIGHT to talk about organizing.  Organizing activities that are protected by law include:

  • Forming a committee to address health and safety concerns
  • Leafleting about work issues
  • Talking union
  • Handing out union authorization cards
  • Acting collectively to defend our rights

When done legally, on our own time and in non-work areas, employers cannot threaten, cajole, or stop us.  But often workers can’t find the space on-site to meet, discuss and plan these activities.  That is what the Workers’ Center is here for.

Not only can SMWC offer you a place to meet, but we have helpful resources and years of experience.  Worker power is grounded in our ability to organize, and we know organizing.  We can help you run democratic and effective meetings, research and gather information on bad employers, plan a campaign, recruit and build a movement, and instigate collective action on the job.

SMWC is dedicated to improving the lives of Maine workers.  Together we can win lasting change in individual workplaces, and systemic change across the state.

Come on by SMWC’s new location at the Meg Perry Center and see for yourself what we’re all about.