Strangers Into Neighbors Kick Off Party

  • Family shirt printing time!

  • Overcome by the cuteness of the Strangers into Neighbors onesie

  • Group lesson on silk screening. So much fun!

  • Nicole helped us all learn to silk screen our own t-shirts. Thanks Nicole!

  • What is made possible with a health care system base on human rights principles.

  • Drew asks, "what does it mean to love what is plentiful as well as what is scarce" to get us thinking about PEOPLE POWER!

  • Tom asks the tough questions!

  • Cait gets us thinking about scarcity vs human rights. There is enough for all of us!

  • Roger take a break from taking photos (thank you!) to practice survey collection.

SMWC at the #USMFuture Solidarity March

  • Public education is a public good. Put People First.

  • SMWC board member and student leader Meaghan, opened the rally.

  • Steamed about S.T.E.M.-- HCHR committee member and USM Alum , Peggy, tells it how it is.

  • Members of SMWC's Work With Dignity, Health Care is a Human Rights and Board of Directors, in solidarity with USM students, faculty and staff.

  • Hannah in bright yellow helping to marshal the parade! Nicole and Cait holding down the Workers' Center Banner.

First Work With Dignity Member Meeting!

  • Tom taking notes on the group conversation.

  • Nat talking about becoming a member of SMWC

  • Drew getting the group discussing our Know Your Rights project.

  • Barney facilitating the closing.

  • Lots of great folks in the room. Allies from organized labor, students, young workers, all working together.