The Maine Health Care is a Human Right Coalition

On June 11, 2016, representatives from Southern Maine Workers’ Center, Maine State Nurses Association and Maine AllCare convened with the goal of formalizing a multi-organizational Health Care is a Human Right Coalition to build the power of grassroots leadership to win universal publicly-funded health care in Maine. These organization saw that forming a coalition would help us all win by increasing our geographical reach, making better use of our resources, and developing a shared strategy.

To become an endorsing member of the Maine HCHR Coalition please contact ronald@

Our Points of Unity:

  • Health care is a human right, not a privilege
  • The current healthcare system is broken
  • Our current system is profit-oriented, not patient-centered
  • We want to build a statewide movement
  • Health care for “all” must be based on residency, not citizenship
  • Health care must be comprehensive: including hearing, vision, dental care, all aspects of reproductive care, substance abuse, and mental health
  • Health care must emphasize prevention
  • Everybody has a right to safe, effective, and therapeutic care
  • Everyone has a right to choice of providers
  • There must be a single standard of care within the system
  • Under Maine’s current system inequities are amplified. Under a new system inequities and disparities will begin to be addressed
  • A universal health care system must be equitably financed
  • Health care is not a commodity
  • Health care must be mission, not money-driven
  • The system must be transparent with ongoing participation of and accountability to all of Maine’s residents
  • The system must ensure participation at every level by patients and providers
  • Decisions about individual’s health care must be made between patient and provider, not by profit-makers (insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.)
  • Health care must be culturally relevant (no barriers due to language, cultural access, gender, disabilities)
  • Our goal is achievable

We encourage organizations to join the coalition as endorsers:

  • Agree to sign onto goal(s) & points of unity
  • Be listed publicly (on HCHR Campaign website and literature) as a member of the coalition
  • Strongly encouraged/invited to list your organization as member of coalition on your organization’s website and literature;
  • Partner/participate/publicize campaign events and allow the campaign to access your organization’s constituents for major mobilizations
  • Endorsing organizations may attend Steering Committee meetings and participate in all discussions (participation in Steering Committee is not required. Endorsing organizations are not part of the formal decision making process. )