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To become a member you'll need to pay dues, sign a member agreement, and attend an orientation. Once you complete this form below you'll be asked to read and sign the agreement. From there, we'll follow up with and let you know about dates for upcoming orientations. If you

Our dues structure is set on a progressive, income-based scale. We ask you to pay the amount that corresponds with your income bracket, the minimum being $5 a year. You won't be asked for proof of income.

$0 – $10k$5/yr$.50/mo
$10k – $15k$12/yr$1/mo
$15k – $20k$24/yr$2/mo
$20k – $25k$30/yr$2.50/mo
$25k – $30k$36/yr$3/mo
$30k – $50k$60/yr$5/mo
$50k – $90k$120/yr$10/mo