Become A Member

The Southern Maine Workers’ Center is a membership based organization. We rely on members and membership dues to build an organization that can effectively fight for human rights. Membership dues contribute to the success of our work by covering a portion of our operating costs. These dues ensure that we can remain independent and accountable to our members.

The dues structure is set on a progressive, income-based scale. Members are asked to pay the amount that corresponds with their income bracket, the minimum being $5 a year. Members will not be asked for proof of income. Members who fail to pay their dues are no longer members in good standing.

Income Annually Monthly
$0 – $10k $5/yr $.50/mo
$10k – $15k $12/yr $1/mo
$15k – $20k $24/yr $2/mo
$20k – $25k $30/yr $2.50/mo
$25k – $30k $36/yr $3/mo
$30k – $50k $60/yr $5/mo
$50k – $90k $120/yr $10/mo
$90k+ $240/yr $20/mo
Contribution Amount $ *
Total Amount